It’s A Man’s Game


By Pete H

Yes, it is a man’s game – this weekend, at least, for sure. And that’s “man’s” as in Mansfield; “field” as in Field Mill or whatever name it goes by these days; and “game” as in “Oi, wot’s your game?”. After the bitter pill to swallow that was last week’s home defeat to Belinda Carlisle, Boro’ are back on the road. And if heaven truly is a place on earth, sadly it isn’t our destination this time around. No, we’re off to the market town of Mansfield. And that rhymes with Stansfield – as in Lisa. It really is a lovely 1980s pop songstress feast here in League Two.

Now then, where were we? Ah yes, 11th-placed Mansfield Town. As things stand between us and them, are you able to sense the anticipation? It’s all in the balance as far as our head-to-head goes, with both sides winning four of the eight meetings that have gone before. The pendulum is poised to swing in one direction or the other this weekend as a result. Unless this trip finishes in a draw; hands shaken and points all round. We’ll only entertain a certain number of madcap theories, however. A draw? Have you been at the drinky-poos again?


Mansfield Town v Stevenage: Drawn Cocktail?

Mansfield Town v Stevenage: It's a man's game. As in Mansfield.

In all seriousness, the case for this being a draw can be as strong or as weak as you want it to be. On one hand, we are either winning or – more often – losing this term. And there’s the habit of this particular fixture to produce both a winner and a loser. On the other hand, meanwhile, is this Mansfield side – resilient to the point of being among the division’s leading draw specialists. Six of their last nine league outings ended all square. A draw against Luton last weekend was their fifth on the spin unbeaten. We can only dream of such things.

But the Stags aren’t unbeaten in the same sense that Carlisle are. Fakinel, they even lost to Barnet last month! For Boro’, however, it is four defeats in the last six. Let’s take positives when we can – and here it is: We haven’t lost on the road in over a month and we have an exclusive Bet On Brazil promo code. That’ll have to do for now because finding reasons to be cheerful is as likely as finding a point to Halloween. And speaking of which, we can only hope that we avoid a similar horror story to the one that was told around this time last season. Right?

Mansfield Town v Stevenage: It looks like this thanks to the League Two stats from Kick Off:

Mansfield Town v Stevenage - Stats Mansfield Town v Stevenage - Stats

Mansfield Town v Stevenage - Stats Mansfield Town v Stevenage - Stats


Mansfield Town v Stevenage: FIFA 17 Verdict

Mansfield Town v Stevenage: FIFA 17 Verdict

It’s been a while, but it’s back. We ran through this one on the PS3 and it was a surprise – even to ourselves. We haven’t yet got the hang of the shooting, passing, tackling or pelanties, but that didn’t stop us here. And clearly uploading videos has escaped our repertoire too. Hence, you look at a screenshot of the final score. There ain’t a dominatrix in the whole of Amsterdam town that dominates as much as we did in this one. Two Matt Godden strikes (40′ and 45′) did the job. One was a pelanty. So, we’re getting there with FIFA 17. Slowly.

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