Football Blogging Awards: Vote BoroGuide!

By BoroGuide

How do you know it’s autumn? Is it the darker skies, cooler temperatures or the fact that the football season is now a month old? Well, it could be some, all and none of them in equal measure. For us, though, a true measure of when summer has legged it and autumn moves in is when the annual awards chatter begins. And it’s what brings us to address you from our royal balcony today. The Football Blogging Awards are back for 2016 and we’d awfully like to count on your support. Think your local MP but without the hearty expenses.

It’s a chance for our regular readers – yep, both of you – to thank us for enriching your Friday and sometimes Tuesday afternoons. We’d also like Stevenage to once more disrupt the established football order. We’re throwing our hat into the ring that is the Best Club category at the Football Blogging Awards. And it means we go up against the big guns from the super-duper Premier League where numbers matter. We don’t expect to make much of a dent in the grand scheme of things. But who knows what’s possible if you vote for us!


Football Blogging Awards: How To Vote (etc.)

Three Women Voting

To vote for your local poet Stevenage blogger, simply head to the Football Blogging Awards website and fill in the form. If that’s a favour too far, you can vote on Twitter too. Either way, all the instructions can be found here. Remember, we’re going for the Best Football Club Blog. You can vote for us in other categories if you like, but we don’t think we stand much of a chance in – say – their podcast category. Mainly because we’ve never done our own podcast. But we’ll let you digest the technicalities in your own time if you’re that fussed.

What are we up against? Well, last year’s Club winner was Anfield HQ and can tap into the truly global Liverpool fanbase when it comes to drumming up support. The lads at Anfield HQ probably get more hits on a quiet day than Boro’ get through the Lamex turnstiles for a big cup game. But such odds have never stopped Stevenage Football Club before. And they won’t stop us now. So, if you can find the two minutes to put down in words how wonderful life is while we’re in the world… Sorry, we went off on a bit of a tangent there.

Vote BoroGuide for a brighter tomorrow! Vote here or click this to Tweet your vote.

Football Blogging Awards: Vote for BoroGuide