All Quiet On The Westphalian Front?

By BoroGuide

Guten Tag unsere Freunde und Wilkommen, right? Henning Wehn – now there is a funny fecker if ever we saw one. And yet how many of you know of an unbreakable bond between the stand-up comic and Boro’s hosts this weekend? Oh yes, you are hearing us loudly, clearly and, er, rightly – though not for the obvious reason that both are paid to make people laugh. No, it’s actually that Wycombe gave Wehn his first UK job in 2002. And you thought that Germans didn’t have a sense of humour, eh? Just think what Port Vale’s Barry Bigtits passed up

Anyway, onto more mundane matters.

Wycombe Wanderers v Stevenage is our League Two dish of the day if by “dish”, you mean “scheduled game” – and by “day”, you mean “this weekend”. At Adams Park, it’s a pairing unafraid to throw up a bit of drama now and then. Our first trip to their gaff in 2011 saw 10-man Boro’ win the day. Meanwhile, our next venture across the county border had Lawrie Wilson grabbing the headlines with a late winner. And there’s more! The 2015 vintage – where 10-man Boro’ nearly stole the points but for Dean Parrett’s pelanty miss? Oh golly gosh!


Wycombe Wanderers v Stevenage: Chair Game

Wycombe Wanderers v Stevenage: Henning Wehn in the South Stand at the Lamex

Of course, we’ll happily gloss over the last time we were at Adams Park – and, indeed, the last time we played the Chairboys. That 1-0 defeat has levelled up our head-to-head record. Three wins to us and three to them. Last term was  unique because both sides, for the first time each, beat the other indoors. Odd, right? But we hope that trend is on hiatus for the weekend as we bid to make it three wins in three League Two games. Now, what a thing of beauty that’d be. We can be in the promotion hunt if we do too. A time, truly, to be alive.

Our weekend football tips are normally as reliable as our midweek football tips, so which way this encounter swings is your guess and yours alone. What we do know is that Wycombe come to this party after loading up on soft drinks. Are they ready for a swig of the strong stuff? Well, it’s their away form that’s rooting them to the foot of the table. It ain’t unlike our own, truth be told. In fact, we’d be third in the table if we played all our games at the Lamex. Or third bottom if we took this tour on the road. Something, you’d think, has to give.

Brendan Malone is our man in the middle for this one. He’s handled the 11 games so far this season, with 36 yellows and a red to count back. And, if we’re doing things in sequence, someone could be in line for an early bath. We don’t normally give patterns a second thought in football. But, every now and then, patterns make a habit of imposing themselves on this sport of ours. Some Archers-rivalling drama in store this weekend, then? Perhaps. Or we may end up having a laugh at Wycombe’s expense – and, with it, maybe Henning’s too?

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Wycombe Wanderers v Stevenage: In glorious technicolor with League Two stats from Kick Off:

Wycombe Wanderers v Stevenage - Stats Wycombe Wanderers v Stevenage - Stats

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