Aging Like A Fine Wine…


By Pete H

Life begins at 40. And by the same token, it also begins on the wrong side of the Severn Bridge for Stevenage Football Club. The latest chapter in the life of this spiffing club is set to open, even if it’s a shame it has to open in Newport. What it is, however, is a chance (small or otherwise) for Boro’ to bludgeon themselves back to winning ways. Newport County sit rooted to the foot of the League Two table and that’s usually a good sign of how things are going for a club. But, as with everything in soccerball, it is never quite as simple as all that.

Yep, the bottom line is that The Exiles are bottom of the division. They’re also now without a gaffer, after Warren Feeney was cast adrift earlier this week. You can argue if nine games is anywhere near enough for a manager at the start of a season, but that’s not our problem. For us, this is about being ruthless and remembering what it’s like to win on the road. And, at Dave Parade, we have the chance to do just that. Up we go against a team that hasn’t won indoors yet this term. Just ignore the fact that we haven’t won away yet.


Newport County v Stevenage: Party Time?

Newport County v Stevenage: Can Boro' make it a happy 40th birthday?

Let’s take the positive from our midweek trip to Cheltenham. We kept a clean sheet and that’s more than Newport County can say for themselves at home this term. Indeed, the Exiles have let in eight goals in four homes games – conceding at least once in every one of them. But, at the same time, we’ve fetched the ball from our net 10 times in five away games. You get the feeling that surely something has to give this weekend.

Or it could be a draw and we’re both looking for that elusive first win at home (them) or away (us).

In four previous meetings, one (if not both) of the sides had two goals etched against their name in the ledger. Not since our first encounter, however, has there been a clean sheet. And, no, it wasn’t us. If you trust in symmetry and sequences in football, first we have to ask why? And second, you’ll probably think this will end badly for us. The pyramid, after all, currently reads 2-0, 2-1, 2-2 and 2-1. You can see what’s next in line…

That’d mean one point from four matches against four sides below us in the table. Then the symmetry fan in you kicks in and thinks four from four against four makes more sense. And now we’ve just turned 40 years old?

Oh, ruddy hell – even more so!

Newport County v Stevenage: See for yourself with the League Two stats from Kick Off:

Newport County v Stevenage - Stats Newport County v Stevenage - Stats

Newport County v Stevenage - Stats Newport County v Stevenage - Stats

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