The Chairboys

By BoroGuide

Dad's Armyy

If you’re reading this, there’s a very strong chance that it’s Friday and you’re at least halfway to being freed from the burden of paid employment for another two days; three if you’re somewhat liberal with your application of your annual leave entitlement. But that ain’t our business – the prospect of Wycombe Wanderers and Stevenage locking horns this weekend is, and that’s why we’re here…

Southend indoors was a fine win all things considered. With the Blues arriving with the second best away form in the division, they hardly needed Simon Walton’s box-based brain fart to nudge ’em towards another three points early on in the second digs. But Boro’ are made of tougher stuff than diamond and came back superbly; Ben Kennedy unlucky not to pick up Best Lead Actor at the Oscars*.

* and for the avoidance of doubt, this means he was the star, the shining light, the Russell Crowe in Gladiator. In case any of you out there think we might have dared to suggest he dived. It was such a stonewaller that a farmer from Yorkshire put in a bid for it to keep the sheep from escaping.

Now then, we move onto Wycombe Wanderers. For those who like their trivia, tis the Chairboys who are the only team better on the road than Sarfend. For those who don’t particularly care, that fact is redundant given a) they’re at home this weekend and b) there are 11 teams who do things better on their home patch – including us. Wycombe have won fewer than half their fixtures at Adams Park.

Our hosts this weekend haven’t actually won a home match in three attempts now, but we’d rather not be seen to tempt fate with this one – just in case. We’re still in no place to crow too much given our modest away record this season, but we do have the second best away form over the past six games with three wins on the road in that stretch. Well, it’s something that you can hold and cherish…

And if you’re the kind of needy person that requires constant supervision, here’s this one for you: we’ve won by a single goal on both our trips to Adams Park – both in the calendar year of Arnold 2011. It’s just that we’re a pair of teams that can’t beat the other on our own patch. We’d take that precedent all day long this weekend. And if that time-related paradox hasn’t got you in a mini-spin, well…

With their higher league position, it’s no surprise that our hosts are preferred for this one by the bookies. But we didn’t think you could get as good a price as 6/5 (Will Hill) on the home win. On the flip side, 5/2 is a hugely tempting prospect for us to pull this one off. Under 2.5 has been the form between us and them at their gaff (4/6, Ladbrokes) and Ben Kennedy is fours to score anytime again.

We didn’t have time to run this one past the FIFA 15 algorithms sadly, but the real world is where it counts most – so there’s no point us going and winning 4-0 on the PS3 because we don’t get anything for it. The carrot of a fourth straight game unbeaten is dangling in front of the donkey of fortune – now it’s just a case of getting that ass to move itself. Wycombe Wanderers away? Let’s be having this one.

We believe in a thing called Wycombe Wanderers. That’s why they have a club profile.