They Think It’s All Over…

By BoroGuide

Ronnie Barker

It’s taken a couple of days, but we’ve finally dragged ourselves to the computer to accept that our League One fate is now all but sealed. We’d still have a chance if we’d overcome an average Colchester United, but we’ve been called in – our time is up. And the fat lady isn’t so much warming up these days, more signed, sealed and delivered to appear on the bill at Borofest. It’s a just a matter of time, you’d think, before it’s mathematical.

The Us were bang average. And, with all due respect Colchester, but that’s us being kind. And yet, however, we managed to let them score three times and walk off with the three points. Put that in with the results against Coventry, Port Vale, Shrewsbury etc and it all just underlines why we’re in the position we find ourselves in. What it takes to survive in League One now is, what GW has already called, “something unbelievable“.

Unbelievable it’d be, that’s for sure.

Sheffield United (A), Bristol City (H), Walsall (H) and Brentford (A). If we can’t take any points off the teams around us at the bottom, it’s difficult to see how we’ll do any better against the likes of those from mid-table upwards. Of course, that means that you’ll end up finding some terrific odds on a Boro’ win in any of the games ahead. And the price on bagging 12 points from the next 12 would probably break NASA’s computer.

For some bookies, however, it’s nearly time to pay out. A quick look through the runners and riders in the bookmaking fraternity now put us anywhere between 1/12 and 1/50 for the drop.

And it’s almost intriguing that there are some similarities between now and the last time we fell through a trapdoor back in 1988. For the 1-0 loss at Shrewsbury, read a 1-0 defeat against Uxbridge; a 3-2 reverse at home Colchester, a 3-0 crushing at Walton & Hersham. If that offers any clues to our final four games of this season, we could do worse than 0-0, 0-1, 0-3 and a 1-0 win. Paul Cumberbatch to net the winner at Brentford?

Oh well. Now it’s just a case of waiting. Our maths skills are very sketchy, but we think it will be Monday evening before the worst is confirmed. But who knows – maybe we could be proved wrong. And we’d happily wear a Luton shirt for a day if that turns out to be the case. Though we’re sure that’s not something we need to worry about.