The All-Singing, All-Dancing Scunthorpe Review

By BoroGuide

The job has been done.It might not have been the prettiest spectacle at times on Saturday, but we did the job and secured all three points. We’ll look back at the end of the season while clasping the League One trophy and what will we see? The list of results won’t say anything but the fact it finished Stevenage 1-0 Scunthorpe United – and it allows us to indulge in the cliche of winning when not in top gear.

We can’t quite bring ourselves to believe the BBC possession stat – did Boro’ really have 62 per cent of the ball? There were times it actually seemed the other way around. But despite our perception of who had most of the ball, Scunny appeared to do very little with it. Quite neat in the middle of the field, but only twice can we recall Steve Arnold being bothered by a testing “shot on target”.

We’ve managed to get to the third paragraph without bringing Greg Tansey into play. Well, the man knows how to ping them in from distance. Not sure television replays do it justice. Only those watching in the North Terrace can proclaim most authoritatively at the majesty and accuracy of the strike. Suffice to say Mrs Slocombe in the visitors’ goal wasn’t getting it in a month of Sundays. FOOTBALL!

It would be nice if Tranmere and Sheffield United would unburden themselves of ongoing unbeaten records and leave us alone as the star performer in the league. As it is, we’re still playing catch-up with the former, while lauding it over the pitch invaders. It’s a nice place to be right now and hopefully the G-Smiffy All Stars XI aren’t content with progress so far – three points at Colchester would be good.

Ratings to grind ’em down by…

Hey Arnold! 7 – It’s difficult to make a case for recalling Chris Day right about now.
Dunne 7 – For one night only, an astute David Gray cover act. A decent Sail Away too.
Darius 8 – Has the man Darius found another new calling? Looks unflappable in the centre.
King Robbo 7 – When they rewrite the dictionary, ‘Mark Roberts’ will be the definition of ‘dependable’.
Comminges 6 – Looked slightly laboured early on, but grew in stature as the game pottered along.
Greg 7 – More curl than a GHD factory.
Risser 6 – Not able to make much impact as Scunthorpe stroked the ball about in the first half.
Filipe 6 – Nothing’s gonna stop him… except being substituted in the 70th minute.
Robin 5 – Can’t fault the effort, but just didn’t click this time. Was he a second striker?
Lucas 6 – Quiet game by recent standards, but given plenty of attention by visiting defenders.
Haber 6 – Took some defenders on romantic walks down the channels. Held the ball up well.
Grant 7 – Boro’s cause was reignited with his second half introduction.
Freeman 7 – A cheeky chip nearly provided the crowning glory of a lively cameo.
N'Gala 6 – He ran on the pitch brilliantly. But might not have actually touched the ball.