Every Second Counts

By BoroGuide

Every Second Counts - Paul DanielsSometimes you just need to pinch yourself to make sure that it’s really happening. After an unexpected appearance in the playoffs last season, we here at BoroGuide had been looking for a nice calm season. One in which we consolidated our position and ensured we are now considered a bone fide League One side.

A League One side rather than a pushy Conference oik punching well above its weight. If it can work for Yeovil, it can certainly work for us here in the civilised part of the UK, where there is broadband, flushing toilets and a sense of purpose.

But it appears that Gary Smith’s new-style Boro’ are no less determined in their mission to rewrite the history books than the previous regime. In beating Walsall and (finally) getting three points on the board at home this season, we look at the table and find ourselves in second position. When we say you sometimes need to pinch yourself, it’s only three years ago we were playing Chester in the Conference.

And yet we must not get ahead of ourselves. While it is by far the most notable peak on the Boro’ league-o-meter (available now, £29.95), it is only after seven games and there will be some serious graft ahead if we’re to make this one stick. Remember, we were sitting pretty at the top of the Conference under Dickie Hill after six games, and it fell apart like a Luton promotion campaign.

Next up for the Boro’? Doncaster. Old Conference chums. A team we’ve drawn 0-0 with in half of our meetings with. Snooze. That said, our record at Doncaster is quite good. What odds four-out-of-four?