The Steel City Blues

By BoroGuide

Image: celesteh/flickr

It’s fair to say there was a prevailing colour in Sheffield on Saturday, and it’s equally fair to say that colour was blue. Not least given the Boro’ strode out at Bramall Lane attired in the the pure blue away offering, but also for coming away with a valuable point that ensures it is advantage Wednesday in the automatic promotion race.

But that’s another story, for another day and for someone else to care about. From a more important point of view, the point leaves Boro’ going into the final day with issues in their own hands. And who doesn’t want to set the pace at this late stage of the campaign. Maths isn’t BoroGuide’s strong point, but a win guarantees a playoff berth.

We’ll deal with that side of things later on in the week. For now, we should reflect proudly on another example of how Boro’ have proved they can compete with teams that have far greater resources. You only need to take a look at who came off the home side’s bench on Saturday to see that. There is a great amount of truth in the notion that some things can be greater than the sum of their parts.

If you were offered a point before the game, you’d have taken it. And we believe that would still be the case if you were offered a two-goal lead and a point. Luke Freeman and Patrick Agyemang were as immense up front as Robbo et al were at the back. Robin Shroot may be asking himself why he didn’t take that attempt first time, but we say 99 out of 100 of Boro’ fans would have failed to score. BoroGuide is the exception.

A job well done in the Steel City for sure. Now pray silence for Ratings To Watch Girls By:

Day 7 – No chance with either of the two goals, but made sure there wouldn’t be a third
Lascelles 7 – Is there anything that flusters this man? Except the prospect of returning to Nottingham
Ashton 7 – Boom boom boom, let us hear you say Ashton…
King Robbo 7 – The one thing he can’t do is fly; that’s one reason why Boro’ didn’t get a third
Lairdy 8 – He reminds us of Ralph Wiggum and we’re not entirely sure why. It must be the de vivre
Wilson 8 – One of his best games of the season to date
The Essential Byrom 7 – Quiet, industrious, formidable…
Bossie 7 – Foot like a traction engine
Robin 8 – Linked the midfield and attack superbly. Came six rows back after the second Boro’ goal
Freeman 9 – Bom-bom bom-bom bom-bom bom bom. Mr Freeman, bring me a dream…
Patrick 8 – Smiffy coaxed the best of him at the best possible time; led the line in exemplary fashion
Moose 7 – When his long striding legs get going, BoroGuide feels ever-so-slightly funny inside
Beardsley 7 – Very nearly back to his yip-yip-yarrarrarrrrrr Yorkshire Terrier-esque best. Bury beware.
Long 6 – A point for each minute spent on the pitch; little time to be able to exert much influence

Away Day Wine: This week’s wine choice was Wagon Tree Chenin Blanc 2010, a ripper of a South African white picked up from Lidl after much careful deliberation. A fruity little number, it lingered and tingled the tastebuds and has done much to earn our respect. We can’t see any reason why we wouldn’t revisit this one on summer days ahead.