The Monday Rant: Groundhog Day

By BoroGuide

Don't Panic
Image: quinn.anya/flickr

Another weekend ends, another Monday begins. And yet there is a familiarity about things at the moment that has entrenched us in this endless, repetitive loop of draws, late Carlisle winners and head scratching: Just how do we win? With it, annoyingly, remain the calls of some for drastic management changes and manic finger pointing that isn’t going to resolve anything.

If it wasn’t already the case, every game for Boro’ until the end of the season is critical. The playoffs remain at arms-length and, surely to the benefit of all concerned at the Lamex, the pressure is off after the most recent results. Que sera sera. Whatever will be this season, it will come to pass.

It seems to us at BoroGuide that it is, firstly, imperative to get behind those concerned who are working hard to restore the momentum that delivered us to this place. And that means giving everyone a chance. If Boro’ finish 7th, 8th or 9th in League One, what’s the concern? It’d have been snapped up if offered three years ago. In fact, did you ever imagine Boro’ in League One at all?

Other football clubs in this division are clever. They have worked out how to counter us. In Colchester we saw a team who were determined not to lose 6-1 again; in Wycombe, a team scrapping for their lives; and in Bournemouth, a side with a new lease of life after manager Lee Bradbury was handed his P45. It was never supposed to be easy in this league and, for the first time perhaps, we’re seeing that.

Luck has deserted Boro’ to a certain degree of late. Beardo’s injury, Darius now out and the missed chances that could have turned draws into wins. After three glorious years at Boro’, the coin was always going to come down on t’other side at some point. We can’t have it our own way all the time, but we’ll be back in the winning saddle shortly – you either believe it, or you don’t. Your call.

Some of the navel gazing that comes after the games recently has been frustrating to some; welcomed by others. Some of the views have been quite polemic. But it’s sweeping us away from the main issue – while there are games to be played, support is a crucial facet. If there is any doubt, let us fans resolve it and if there are any concerns, let us allay them. Come on Boro’ people, we ain’t done yet…