Paying The Penalty

By BoroGuide

Twitter Fail
Image: Anthony Quintano/flickr

It has to be said – following a game on Twitter and Twitter alone is not exactly a rewarding experience. It is almost comparable with listening to a game on the radio. However, you do get sounds and atmosphere’s conveyed through t’wireless – not something that Twitter can replicate.

Don’t get us wrong. The club’s official Twitter feed does, to our mind, a quite superb job of relaying match events to those of us who either choose to follow a game in this manner, or who have no other option but to. Like when you’re sat on a train heading towards the Lake District. Twitter can be a godsend. But it certainly ain’t perfect.

But there is a great level of detachment from what’s going on that you can’t avoid. Perhaps a good example of this can be illustrated from the most recent game – the 2-1 win against a strong Brentford team. BoroGuide sat on that train swamped in helplessness and futility as the Bees were awarded not one, but two penalties. We just had to sit there and wait for the screen to refresh with the inevitable “goal”.

But, thankfully, it didn’t happen. Of course, you could argue right back at us – “you cannot influence a penalty taker at the game anyway“. You can, to a certain extent (and without getting yourself ejected), have some bearing on the outcome of the spot-kick. Perhaps you can address the penalty taker as a “rotten bounder” and watch as his personality falls apart and his nerve fails to hold as he connects with the ball.

We laugh now, but Boro’ had some fortune on Saturday. Yep, apparently there was some of that good luck left in the pot after it had been pillaged by Roberto Di Matteo’s Chelsea. It is likely that we’ll need some more this Saturday when we travel to Sheffield United, but shall we leave that story for another day? BoroGuide will be at Bramall Lane and we are grateful we won’t have to rely on Twitter for updates.

As a special midweek treat and now that BoroGuide has rejoined the real world, how about a bit of exclusive footage from Brentford’s penalty-taking practice: