npower Fanpower Stadium

By BoroGuide

npower Fanpower Stadium
Image: npower

Here at BoroGuide, we’re always to our bit to help advance the collective Stevenage cause. It is perhaps especially important when there’s money up for grabs – in this case, £30,000 could be won by the club through the efforts of its fans and the npower Fanpower Stadium. And yes, we’re aware this has been going a while. But better late than never someone wisely once said.

If you’re not a Facebooker or a member of the Twitterati, this might all seem a little odd to you. But here’s a brief rundown. This campaign involves signing up to a Facebook app with your name and your email address, as well as whether you’re an current npower customer. We’re told no info will be used for promotional offers unless you opt in. Their words, not ours…

After you’re all signed up, any time you mention Stevenage FC, G-Smiffy or the surname of any Boro’ superstar in the first eleven on Facebook or Twitter, it fuels a ranking in a special league table. From what we can see, the first to get their average attendance in subscribers is the winner of the cash boost. Stevenage, so far, has performed admirably against League One opposition but could do with more.

For more, visit the website. And below is a video outlining more about the Fanpower Stadium app: