Wycombe Wondering

By BoroGuide

King of the Guessers?
Image: Michael Trolove

It’s such a lovely day again, isn’t it? In fact, we just went for a particularly pleasant stroll in and around Hitchin. Yep, “pleasant” and “Hitchin” in the same sentence. Groundbreaking. While we were out, we caught sight of a butterfly. Its wings were red and white with a little bit of black. If that isn’t a sign of good tidings to come, then we’re packing our bags and off to Kingfield.

Scoring, particularly in the first half, appears to be a bugbear that is now off our back. But the conceding of two goals against Bournemouth is frustrating. If it is for us, then its something that grates against the players and management more. The next home game is relegation-haunted Wycombe and we all know the importance of the win here.

In terms of team selection, how much really needs to change? We deal with the long balls towards our goal and navigate Luke/Bossie to within 30 yards of theirs. It’s such a simple strategy that PW will be wondering why he didn’t make BoroGuide manager. Mind you, it is probably best we weren’t appointed given our track record of using Football Manager to make signings. Cherno Samba?

Team Tarot:

Team for Wycombe