By BoroGuide

Rory Prendergast Scorecards
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The Monday Rant was launched last week with the intention of being a weekly feature that serves to channel BoroGuide’s footballing frustrations at the start of the working week. It’s something we very much intend to pursue over the coming weeks and are sure there’ll always something football-related to complain about. In a light-hearted manner, of course. But not this week…

There are times we have to remind ourselves that it is only a game. No-one who left White Hart Lane on Saturday evening would have given much consideration to the 41 minutes of football they’d seen, nor that it was the FA Cup Quarter Final. Their concerns, and those of the global footballing fraternity, were for a young man left fighting for his life in a London hospital. Like everyone, we hope Fabrice Muamba makes the swiftest of recoveries.

For the Boro’ community, Saturday became a day of sadness. One of the most pleasant and respected people we have known in our time following Stevenage passed away. Mike Hyde, also known as Mook to forum users, offered valuable help and support to BoroGuide in the first weeks and months of the site’s existence back in 2002. And on occasions since.

Mook’s wit and humour extended beyond the forums. One such physical manifestation to remain long in the memory is the scorecards produced ahead of Rory Prendergast’s visit to Broadhall Way with Accrington Stanley back in the day. And how many among us are truly aware of just how much work and time Mook put into the campaign to achieve ‘two-up’ from the Conference?

It’s just a part of why we are among so many, many others who will remember Mook with great fondness.