The Walsall Pact

By BoroGuide

Walsall Anarchists Poster
Image: Public Domain

In a part of the division we needn’t concern ourselves, there is a battle raging where the team with the longest fingernails will cling on to League One status. And that means an inevitable struggle for those lofty teams – like Stevenage, of course – against those scrapping for points. A warning: Tomorrow will not be pretty…

In terms of team selection for the trip to Poland (snarf), Smiffy has had his hand forced this week. If you ever see a sentence with so many words beginning with H in succession, do let us know. Though we appreciate that, as Stevenage residents, it reads more like ‘as ‘ad ‘is ‘and. You might therefore miss the point. But back to the point in hand, which was the personnel. Apparently.

Slew out for three games and Beardo presumably out with injury. With the current striker count lower than Woolwich Arsenal’s trophy count since last decade, back into the squad comes Michael Thalassitis. We suspect he’ll almost certainly make the bench, with Reidy and Dave leading the line. Luke Freeman to return? We think so, perhaps at the expense of Darius. Who knows with these things. We often don’t.

And remember. In Soviet Midlands, Walsall plays you.

Team Tarot:

Team for Walsall