The Land Of The Giants

By BoroGuide

Monkey Hanging
Image: christopher.woo/flickr

Hartlepool first-team coach Neale Cooper gives us an interesting metaphor to ponder on this liberating Friday evening. “They’re like land of the giants,” Cooper told the BBC. Our first thought is how a group of players can be like such an entity. And our second thought is that we probably ought to get out more.

It is the first of five away league games left before the end of the season and against a side we beat on their own turf at the start of the FA Cup adventure. Hartlepool’s form has been much stronger of late and the long trip makes it somewhat unappetising. Having said that, the bookmakers don’t exactly know where to sit with this one. Nor do we.

We won’t be lurching towards the melodrama of “must-win” games, but points will be nice as Carlisle go to Bournemouth and Notts County host Sheffield Wednesday. If we are going to start looking in our mirrors, Colchester entertain Huddersfield. But if we’re looking into our mirrors, we lose sight of where we’re going and that’s more pertinent. EYES ON THE ROAD!

Team Tarot. And it’s a radical-ish one…

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