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This is BoroGuide:

We are the independent online resource for Stevenage FC. For everyone. Born in 2002, we have established ourselves as a definitive source of information on Boro' players, opponents and history. With us, you can find out about the heroes of yesterday... and today; how we climbed the non-league ladder to the Football League; and how Boro' performed against various teams over the years.


Latest Updates:

You Have Been Watching…

Dad's Army - You have been watching...

If the experience of being dumped out of the FA Cup live on telly hadn’t been as chastening, as painful and as humiliating as last night proved to be, you could have almost passed it off as a sitcom written by David Croft and Jimmy Perry. Y’know – a group of men being given the runaround in the south of England, putting up a questionable defence and getting into all manner of hilarious scrapes along the way. Like the one where Darius ballsed up a…
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Replay Your Cards Right

Bruce Forsyth's Play Your Cards Right

You get nothing for a pair, not in this game. If we draw a blank against Maidstone for a second time, the game will more than likely be up for this season’s FA Cup. Helpfully, we’ve moved on in that department since our first outing against the Stones. It took the best part of three years and around 150 games, but the demolition of Cheltenham Town at the weekend was the first time Stevenage had racked up five goals in one game since we gave Rochdale…
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Harrison’s Half Hour

Tony Hancock

And so, with all the enthusiasm and anticipation you’d normally reserve for a Monday morning drive around the circumference of the M25 in a Austin Allegro, we return to League Two action this weekend. For now, it appears we must do the dirty on the mighty Maidstone United and see someone behind their backs – Cheltenham Town, to be precise. If anyone from the Stones calls, tell ‘em it wasn’t them – it was us. Or the fixture computer “made us do…
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Latest News:

BBC Sport

Northampton Town 1-0 Stevenage
Saturday November 22, 2014

Collin thrilled by Stones Cup exploits
Friday November 21, 2014

Maidstone United 2-1 Stevenage
Thursday November 20, 2014

Stevenage 5-1 Cheltenham Town
Saturday November 15, 2014

On This Day: 23 November

2013Peterborough United1-0
2010Southend United1-1
2002Halifax Town0-1
1991Harlow Town2-0
1988Cranfield United4-0
1985Chalfont St Peter3-2