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Reading (Away): The FIFA 18 Verdict

Twice. In fact, it’s twice in a row. That’s how many times our FIFA 18 Verdict has been half right in the past two times it’s been tested. This is a dangerous development. It almost qualifies the time we spend with the PS4 as an actual work of science. It rightly had us not scoring against Reading and Morecambe putting one past us. Of course, it did have the Royals beating […]

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Reading Or Not, Here We Come…

No points up for grabs and no historic personal milestones; just a chance to travel to either Carlisle or Sheffield Wednesday in the Fourth Round. That’s the bottom line here, folks. The FA Cup isn’t always glamorous, nor is it always romantic. But we’re still in it, and that is more than you can say for holders Arsenal. Into the fiery pits of Berkshire we venture, then, and our first […]

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Reading (Home): The FIFA 18 Verdict

Ah, the world of make-believe. You know, it can be a great leveller if the delicate balance is interrupted by one side being clearly better than the other. Or should that be supposedly? Ignore the weather, forget the state of the pitch and shake off any potential twinge; the control pad is in hand and Judge FIFA 18 (For it is he. Ed.) is in position to preside over the case of […]

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By Royals Appointment

In some ways, there’s no need for us to churn out this match preview. And, no, we don’t mean ‘no need’ in that unsolicited-could-you-be-entitled-to-a-PPI-refund-call sort of way. What we do mean (before you get all smart arsey) is that this is the FA Cup, right? Boro’ are, therefore, nailed on to score five goals. That’s how it works, if we’re not mistaken. Five goals in Round One, five goals in Round […]

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Swinter Is Coming

The FA Cup and Stevenage Borough. It’s Peter Shilton somehow avoiding a red card in our 1996 win at Leyton Orient. Or our ‘home’ fixture against Birmingham City? It’s Newcastle part one and Kenny’s bouncy balls. And it’s Peter Winn in Newcastle part two. It’s even super Tottenham at the Lane. But is it, now, just another game in the calendar? In this eighth season of ours in the Football League, […]

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Absolutely Dabbulous

So, Halloween is all over and done with for another year. And thank Heaven 17 that’s the case. Not just ‘cos it’s a pish American festival, but ‘cos we got into the spirit a little earlier than most this year. Boro’ weren’t short of a horror show or two in the past two-and-a-half weeks. The history books aren’t going to spring a “yeah, but…” on unsuspecting readers when they read […]

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