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WATCH: Boro’ Think It’s All Over… Again!

Mondays. For us, they’re rubbish enough at the best of times. As you share more of your personal space than you’d like with several strangers on an expensive tin tube that takes you right into the smoke, the thought of Crewe’s 97th-minute equaliser has probably done little to make you feel better about it all. We’re right, yeah? You know what? Don’t fret love. They Think It’s All Over is […]

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WATCH: Boro’ Think It’s All Over…

At last! Unlike U2, we’ve gone and found what we’ve been looking for – and it’s a little slice of Boro’ television history, courtesy of They Think It’s All Over. For those of you who may not remember, this was a foul-mouthed, sports-based comedy panel show. It made A Question of Sport look positively angelic, and it was magnificent. We’re not here to celebrate the last notable thing we can recall Nick Hancock […]

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WATCH: Tony Roberts gives Stevenage a helping hand

It’s a week until Christmas but you’ve been good folk this year and that means you deserve an early present. And what could be better than George Boyd, a Stevenage win and Tony Roberts looking a bit foolish. The Sky cameras were at Broadhall Way for this one back in October 2005 and the Daggers’ keeper marked the occasion by over-egging a simple save and making a snappy camera gesture. And then in the […]

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WATCH: 2011/2 FA Cup run

But for the fact the Beeb are paying interest in the FA Cup this season, you might have missed the fact that balls were drawn out of a hat this week. The FA Cup has reached that stage where League Two and Conference clubs recoil in horror as they’re asked to travel to places like Burnley, Birmingham and Hull – places we didn’t realise were actually real. Yes, it’s the Third Round and […]

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WATCH: 1996/7 FA Trophy semi-finals

Now then, who’s feeling glutton for punishment this week? We’ve had a rummage around the archives for something to watch when we really ought to be working and we’ve managed to find this little gem from 1997. It’s the story, as the title suggests, of how we managed to lose to Woking in the FA Trophy Semi-Finals. Well, we managed to lose thanks to a combination of bad defending and Clive […]

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