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Wycombe Wanderers (Away): FIFA 18 Verdict

If Boro’ can wrap up this campaign on a high, then what is stopping our FIFA 18 Verdict doing the same? Well, apart from that it rarely comes close to calling the right result, let alone actually being right? We’ll give it the benefit of one last doubt (Before we do it all again next season? Ed.) for our trip to Bucks. We all want to end with a bang. But […]

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It’s The End Of The World As We Know It…

… and we feel fine. It’s been 10 months, but here we are; almost across the finish line of another season. And at bloody last while we’re at it. The 2017-8 League Two campaign has been one that’s given us more to forget than remember, all told. No need to rush out the commemorative Doovdé, that’s for sure. But we’re looking dangerously capable of ending on a high note. With nothing […]

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The Good Exe Guide

Oh, wouldn’t you know it. The last match indoors this term; this final chance to lift home spirits that have all been too often left flagging over the last nine months. Let’s face it, we aren’t now plundering the depths of umpteenth in the League Two table for nothing. Now, storming through the ‘Nidge like their name’s El Niño, come an expectant Exeter side. A win for them and automatic […]

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Coventry City (Away): FIFA 18 Verdict

It’s not something we’re proud of, but last week’s FIFA 18 Verdict told you so. Well, it told you we’d score three quarters of sod all indoors against Cambridge. It also, admittedly, had them down to get diddly squat too. So, it means we are none the wiser if you can take this to-do any more seriously for our trip up to Coventry. Well, any more seriously than you already […]

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Friday, We’re In Cov…

Now, we don’t care if Monday’s blue. Tuesday’s grey, and Wednesday too. Thursday? We don’t care about you. It’s Friday. We’re in Cov. It seems there is something about us and Saturday 3pms at the Ricoh that doesn’t go. First there was Sky, livening up an international break with our mugs on a sultry Sunday September afternoon. Then, it was a midweek meet-up at Northampton’s Sixfields during the Sky Blues’ nomadic 2013-4 […]

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Cambridge United (Home): FIFA 18 Verdict

Just when you thought our FIFA 18 Verdict might have struck gold, Mansfield equalised. Our beef with Boro’s midweek draw is not so much our failure to rise another couple of places in the table than we ultimately have (three instead of one). No, it’s more that our poor, maligned preddy system got given another harsh lesson in how real life does things. And now it’s going to get given […]

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